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Software Licensing & Import/Export Law

As a Security professionals should also be familiar with the legal issues surrounding software licensing agreements. There are four main types of License Agreement in use today. Refer to below mindmap for details. Also, Import/Export law will help company to control their Information across multiple countries. Case Study: Below case study will help us to … Continue reading “Software Licensing & Import/Export Law”

Privacy Law

Privacy is becoming more threatened as the all of us increasingly relies on computing technology & Digital content. There are several approaches/laws government has taken to addressing privacy issues. Below figure illustrate the U.S. & Eu…

Laws, Regulations, Compliance

Every country follows some kind of Legal system. Below figure shows different types of Legal system. Since CISSP discuss more on U.S. Laws and Regulation; hence we will restrict our-self to U.S. only. We can observe that U.S. follow “Common Legal System”. As a IT professional / Security professional; we understand that Laws and regulations … Continue reading “Laws, Regulations, Compliance”