CISSP Course by Clement Dupuis from CCCure

CISSP Course on all 8 domains of the ISC2® CISSP® CBK®

This is our leading tutorial on all 8 domains of the CBK® . It is very thorough and will prepare you for the CISSP® exam.

Course Information

This course is delivered by the world-renowned instructor Mr. Clement Dupuis, CD.

Clement has delivered the CISSP boot camp class more than 260 times in his career. He knows the CBK better than any instructor out there.

This tutorial is the same content as you would get if take a 5-day live class. The biggest difference is how deep it goes and you pay a fraction of the price a live boot camp would cost you. In fact, this tutorial is more in-depth than our live class. In our live class, we have around 36 hours available for instruction but these tutorials consist of almost 50 hours of thorough knowledge.

Difficulty: Advanced

Course Instructor

Clement Dupuis Clement Dupuis Author

6 months of access

SALE $147.77 $129.99
6 months of access
sale ends October 16, 2019

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